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Blackie B lives in Australia. He was 52 when he was diagnosed in August, 2014. His initial PSA was 8.00 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 7b, and he was staged T1b. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

Well, I had a dribble, then got a blood test. PSA had gone from 2 18 months ago to 8.

Next for an ultrasound, external. Results showed tumor 25mm x 12mm.

Next to the specialist. MRI Scan and Bone scan. Confirmed tumor. Next Biopsy, general anesthetic for this one. Biopsy confirms Prostate Cancer. Last Thursday 30th October went the Robot.

Back home now with catheter attached to leg, bit sore but still here. Test results due on Monday, today is Saturday. Doc is confident we got it all. Nerve sparing at 80 percent.


November 2014

Well, update. been home for 1 x week, get the catheter out tomorrow. There has been blood in urine when bowel movement. Been taking stool softener to assist with bowel. Forst two days tip of penis is sure, will,be glad to get rid of the leg bag. Hospital gave me a supply the of night bags, been filling these up, keeping water intake up, and walking morning and night. Results came back clear, good! Will have to monitor of course, but confident cancer was contained. No cancer detected in lymph glands they removed, there was cancer in the seminal tubes and it was in prostate inner wall, looks like I dodged a bullet by 1 x mm. There are Six holes - lots of stitches from surgery, sore in the middle area, but most of all sore leg for some reason?? They must have had to move my leg while operating, and stretched it too far!


November 2014

Had the catheter removed today. That stung a lot, but bearable, pain threshold is up, so good to have it out!

Once out, had to wear a pad in case of leakage, then had to drink 800ml of water within an hour, polished my jug off in twenty minutes. Then pee into a bottle. First pee was amazing! not much volume but managed it! What a relief, it works! then they check bladder with ultrasound to see if bladder emptied, which it did. Repeat x three times and I'm home. No leaks yet, and piss stream is good once it gets going. Tip of penis is very sore! Red and sore, hopefully this improves now the tube is gone. Resting now, will report on leakages once I experience more.hospital gave me a giant bag of absorbent sample pads to take home.


November 2014

Monday 10th November.

Well been trying to get an erection to no avail, stone cold nothing! Mr wobly has no get and go! Oh well will keep trying, maybe get a pump in a week or two. I will be seeing a Cock Doctor after I meet with my Doctor next month.

Leaking yesterday but only slightly, not wearing pads during day or night, which is good news, Doc did say he was happy with that part of surgery. Hope I don't have to wear them! Peeing more regular than normal, and getting up at night, I have read this is normal.

Still stinging a bit, and finish antibiotics today.

Pain - minimal now still just on panadol garden variety, haven't had any today.

Exercise - yes doing a bit, have lost six kilos since diagnosed and walking at least one hour a day, not going back to work for a few weeks and just going to concentrate on my recovery.


December 2014

Saw both doctors Thursday 4th December.

Will be getting first blood test follow up in a fortnight (Monday week) to check PSA readings.

Still have some spasm nerve pain from time to time and occasional leaks, had a throbbing near drain wound, mentioned all this to Doc, he was not concerned. Says there is 75 percent chance of successful cure.

Next to the ED doctor, he had given my three types of medication to try. Viagra, Levitra,and Cialis, with all but zero results, perhaps a 2 out to 10 for the Levitra.

So no action at the station, he has given me a week of 5mg Cialis to take then a dose of Viagra and Levitra to try, have penciled in another appointment for next Thursday, if no erection will have to go for the injections, he says it's important to get at least two erections a week to flush new blood into the penis and to avoid scarring, which is permanent. Will be 12-24 month repair.

Going back to work on Monday, that's about six weeks off. I have certificate for more ti e if needed, the big test will be sitting down, as I have been either vertical or horizontal!


March 2015

First PSA since operation was 2.5. Bummer. Hoping for zero. Have next test this month, so will see how that pans out. Injecting penis twice a week, chemical pain is bad, have reduced dose down from 25 to 10 which is bearable. No nerve repair yet noticeable. Exercise has dropped off and motivation is low. Went to a cancer support group night. I was the youngest there and good luck to them, I will not be going back.


March 2015

Well fuck it! PSA is climbing again, doubled up to 4. looks like they didn't get it all! Oh well. More tests, feel ripped off! Angry and hurt.

Going on the Alkaline journey now, they can stick their radiation and hormone treatment up their arse as far as I'm concerned! (well that's how I feel today, this may change next week!)

So I'm going to quit my job and get healthy and give this a good go. Baking soda and Alkaline here we come! I feel fine at present so may as well make the most of it.


April 2015

Met with the specialist today. He says we need to start hormone treatment. I have tumors in approx 6 pelvic nymph glands, PET scan showed no cancer in bones, liver, lungs, but PSA is doubling every couple of months, so it is aggressive. Going to a cancer health farm, organic foods and meditation before I make decision. Diet has changed, now a vegan, drinking alkaline water and bicarb soda as well. Have ordered some black salve capsules. Eating high alkaline foods. No sugar or junk, feeling good, losing weight, but have odd pains. I want another PSA after health farm to see if making any difference, I dread entering the medical system, but... Not a decision for today. Riding my motorcycle 1200klm to health farm will be nice, and will take three months off work to get to a healthy groove. Still no natural erections and injecting twice a week. With the PAP, has no chemical pain like the other dose I was using. Viagra not working at all. Went to a shrink that specialises in medical sufferers, subsidized, so I thought why not, she is into Tapping, and other weird hippie treatment, keeping an open mind, I believe in the power of the mind.


May 2015

PSA rising, doubling fortnightly now at 8.3. So no choice but to do what the specialist says and get chemically castrated! Or should I say, Hormone Treatment. well I plan to have the 3 x month injection this Friday. That's all I will commit to, see what side effects there are. What I cannot understand is how fast this lymph gland cancer is growing. So we have gone from pre-surgery "80% cure" to living with cancer! WTF! I'm suspicious! Let's see how it goes, it may buy me some time, very wary of what my quality of life will be. There sure are some horror stories out there! I have left work, leave without pay, and will be spending more time on my Triumph and Harley, and living the way I need to.


June 2015

Received results back from 6 weekly PSA test, good result down to 2 from 8.7. Something is working. Have appointment with a oncologist this Friday. Definitely on the medical conveyor belt now. They will be wanting to radiate next then chemo, I'm hoping to be off ADT at 6 month mark, but they want me on it for 18 months. The ADT stops working after a while, it is to buy time, I have already crossed over into treatments I didn't want,so I have entered into this thing and it will swallow me up or die! Still injecting myself into the penis 2-3 times a week, no desires, sex life is, well I would would rather not say... But read in between the lines. This is shit this fucking cancer, I hope the ADT slows everything down enough so me body can fight it with natural veges and nutrients, some of my internet snale oil potions and meditation! not sure if anyone reads this YANA? stuff ya's, I will keep posting anyhow! Running out of money and being off work for a while will start back casual soon, not cause I want to, but because I have bills, these quacks cost a fortune!


July 2015

Had appointment with Chemo oncologist and she referred me to Radiologist.

Had appointment with Radiologist, she presented my PET scans to a panel of six other Radiologists and only one said they would radiate. So radiation is off the table unless used for pain relief in the future.

So they put me forward for a trial of new drug called ENZAMET. so new set of CT scans and bone scans blood tests were done.

The good news is:

"there is no evidence to suggest residual or recurrent disease at the previous prostatectomy site. no pathological enlarged lymph node or distant metastatic disease is identified."

"no bone scan evidence of skeletal metastatic disease"

So I will get the next Eligard 3-month injection next week, and see where we go from here!

For anyone that's interested, some of my alternative treatments are:

meditation, prayer, Pomi T, Apricot Kernells, Black Salve internal capsules. Amazon 111 Tonic. Mangosteen dried skin, turmeric raw, ginger raw, green alkaline diet. Bicarb soda, vitamin D, C. reduction in meat fish, sugar dairy, processed food.


November 2015

Well thought I would "check in" as someone actually read my log and contacted me, thank you! It meant a lot to me..thank you! you know who you are! I'm Still sticking needles into my dick twice a week, to bar up and get some blood into my placid former glorious self! Really getting sick of doing this, like a moth to a dying flame, clinging to the hope I still think I may get my life back one day! I went back to work 3 x days a week, 'cause I'm broke, so much for my serenity...but we're planning a holiday at the end of the year. Something to look forward to. Anyhow, diet has gone to shit, and no motivation, depressed and the quack keeps trying to write me scrips for antidepressants, FFS! They cannot handle the truth! It's normal to be pissed off, no need for happy pills I don't want to be a friggin pill zombie! More pills, drugs, piss off!

I Got my results today, *because I live in 3 x month sections now* PSA is now .13. Which is fuck all! Good result I think. Have to see the oncologist next week, as due for another 3-month needle to stop testosterone.. It zero so mission accomplished, don't know how long I will be on this, it is 6 months now, but please to be alive today, it's been 1 x year since surgery, what a journey! Keep strong all! And best wishes!


February 2016

Latest PSA results. 0.17 getting next Elegard injection next week. At the nine month mark now. There is an Elegard nurse service, that will administer injection in the comfort of my own home, so will give this a try. Has to be better than the local clinic, it's like getting a shot of two pack epoxy resin into the guts, I dread it every time! Had a trip to Europe since my last update, was fantastic, took along my "erection in a bottle" but some places we couldn't keep refrigerated, so chucked it out. Got a new batch now, and will try to get back into a groove. Needle in, harden up!

Mentally getting tired, have felt like giving up, have put on 16 kilos since started ADT, I have joined a study at the local University, on weight fitness and side affect for cancer dudes in ADT. I'm still in the assessment stage atm, and hopefully I will get a nutritionist and some exercise incentive. Back working a couple of days a week, it's a bit crap, but need the money, yeah. Starting with my hipster colouring in book, back to meditation, riding my classic bikes, getting guitar lessons again, so I'm living life, but tired still..hope you're all well and alive out there in Cancer Land, thanks to the couple of peeps that have been in touch!


March 2016

Well have had my fourth 3-month injection, got the Elegard nurses around this time, they were lovely and gentle, didn't feel a thing compared to those medical centre apprentices! Animals! I made the decision to quit work, from part time to no time, finish up in two weeks, early retirement I suppose, wife might have to work two jobs now to pay for my motorcycle obsession! Anyhow will be getting back on the health wagon, as I'm over 105kgs now, should be 82kgs, heeps of weight gain, still alive that's the main thing! Seeing food and exercise guru in a fortnight, didn't get the intervention at the university study, bummer..stay alive and fuck cancer!


June 2016

Not good....latest tests show PSA increasing, that's twice in a row now, over 6 months, once more confirms castrate resistant...guess I will find out in three months! What else, not much else.. Have had the 5th 3-month injection of ADT. One more will be 18 months, they are gently guiding me towards chemo, I think. The 20% chance of that working is not getting my attention. Radiation is out so there are not many options if the ADT stops slowing growth. The PSA readings also need to be 0.5 to appear on the scans, so no scans to see if spreading until then. Not much else to add, gone off the "injections for erections", (should be a song, but who would buy it?) couldn't be bothered. I can get a 3/4 without now, but need to look at porno for stimulation, sure isn't on command, not big on the visual, and not really interested, guess that happens as I'm being chemically castrated! Doctor wanted me to go on antidepressants, I said no, unless my wife finds me unbearable! I have always been a moody cunt anyhow! Plus most people I see on the happy pills are stone faced sad sacks! Fuck that! Thats just my take, if you need them, well, that's your business, but read the packet. I have had enough side effects thank you very much! Riding my Triumph, got my other '64 Bonneville going, also riding my 1200 Sportster, went to a mate's funeral yesterday, he died of cancer. Colouring in my hipster colouring in book daily and just finished a 8 week mindfulness class. Playing some guitar, Meditating daily but food has been tough, eating sugar, wheat again. Not much exercise, yeah I know blah! blah! Gardening a bit little bit if fishing, retired from work, watching heaps of TV, and that's about it this time, will keep posting, it's a good site I think...

Wish you all the very best and remember "Fuck Cancer!"


June 2016

just fixing mistake on previous post re treatment type.


August 2016

Got my 3 monthly results from the GP. My doom meter, Psa reading is up to .36 ug/l so is become apparent, now it's starting to double. You know what that means? Yep! Thats right, ADT resistant. Running out of options...Meeting with the specialist next week, so see what bullshit he says, I have contacted the Rigvir virotherapy and getting info about that. 104 kilos with no clothes now, really porking out now! Not working and amazed that I did for so long, being supported by wifey at the moment. Back on ninju rabbit food, this may last more than a day this time? Fuck feel like a tub of Tom & Jerry ice cream!

Hope you are all fighting the good fight out there in Cancer Land! I have not much else to update, or add atm, no advise! no, I got nothin! One Day at a time.


August 2016

Hey fellow PCA's! There is a tree here where I live, only found in the rain forests of Queensland, Australia. Guess what? They have developed a cancer cure. They have being injecting into tumours in dogs and horses, turmour goes away. Holy fuck! Probably no good for me as my cancer is in lymph glands, but for those of you that just have industry standard prostate cancer, get onto it. Here is the link... https://qbiotics.com/index.php/human-pipeline/ebc-46-humans


September 2016

As last post said, the PSA increasing, we saw the chemo oncologist, we are content with the slowness of increase and will not be taking chemo, while quality of life and symptoms are not appearing yet. So next appointment in 6 months. Planning a trip to China, in April. Also claimed my superannuation and life insurance (if your in Australia and want to know how, ask me) that took major heat off financially, hopefully the immunology breakthroughs will start appearing soon, but, I'm feeling ok, still plugging away with a sex life of sorts,have dick injections as required and the very recently unassisted yahoo mahboo! Glad I've kept the blood flow happening, even if it is a hassle. Enjoying life most of the time, and loving not working, exercising 3 x times a week with the UQ Study, who would have thought it! Cancer, giving me the life I always wanted!,,,,,hahahahah! Well at least it trimmed off those things I don't want to do! Hope your all well out there??!! fighting on, as Deadpool said, "Cancer is a Shitshow" sure is! Fuck Cancer!


May 2017

Well here I are again! Hope you're all still alive! Sorry for those that are not, prostate cancer sucks!

Thought I would do my bit and update on this forum.

I have the next round of ADT injections tomorrow, comes around on 3 monthly intervals and I always get a blood test and results before hand.

This time the increase in PSA levels has had a slow down In percentage of increase compared with the previuos results.

Latest increase was 7.3% (I believe this to be good news)

Previous increases as follows: 40.9% 30.16% 33.3% 33.5% 12.5%

Well what's different? Let's hope it's not a lab mistake. Ha! but I will take it as a minor win all the same.

I did go to China and get some herbal medicine. He checked my pulses, I poked out my toungue, he looked at my eyes, he nailed it straight away. Gave me 3 months of Chinese medicine in tablet form.

Also, I have been having juices with kale and turmeric, ginger and veges, fresh. I have started taking aspirin once a day. I have been meditating. I can "bar up" with visual stimuli, but it's nothing to write home about. I would not be lighting any candles around it at this stage, but at least it works. Most of the time the amazing dissapearing cock is imbedded into my never regions like a turtles head..dissapearing out of sight. Occassionally piss myself, great stuff isn't it! Wouldn't be dead for quids, glad I'm not missing out on these experiences!

'Till next time, and remember! Fuck Cancer!


December 2017

Reading are up 80% in this x month cycle. Bummer man! Worst result thus far.

I thought we were going so good! Sold the house that could be the stress I didn't want.

Don't know what to say except my reading are still relatively low, be the increase of nearly doubling is a worry, think it's best I just keep enjoying life, because I suspect I'm fucked now.

All the very best wishes to you all for Christmas, hope you get through!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Fuck Cancer!

Blackie's e-mail address is: blackweb170 AT gmail.com (replace "AT" with "@")