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Clyde Clark lives in Texas, USA. He was 67 when he was diagnosed in July, 2006. His initial PSA was 12.80 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Non-Invasive (Active Surveillance). Here is his story.


After the initial shock at hearing that I have PCa at least partially wore off I read up (on the InterNet using a public library computer) on the subject of PCa. I devised a diet centered around fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, vitamins, herbs, Green Tea and Essiac Tea.

In 2 1/2 months I lowered my PSA to 4.2 ng/ml where it remains today, as far as I know. My last PSA was on November 7, 2006. I believe that with my diet I can control the growth of the PCa by stimultating the immune system and live out my remaining years, dying of natural causes. My father did not have PCa and he died of natural causes at age 93.

I have met stiff resistance, even ridicule from the four North Texas urologists with whom I have counselled. It is amazing how American doctors are insanely keen on cutting, using radiation, hormones and drugs! Has anyone out there felt frustrated in dealing with doctors who have fixed mentalities and no imagination? Try telling them that herbs have been in use in hundreds of societies for thousands of years (so there must be something beneficial about herbs - right?) and they all tell you there haven't been any double-blind tests with 5 and 10 or more years follow-up so there is no medical proof that any herbs do anyone any good at all. It's like trying to sell Jesus to Osama bin Laden!

This guy came on with hostility, entered the examination room brusquely, didn't bother to offer his hand (this was the first time I've seen him) and proceeds to browbeat me by saying things like: "There is no conspiracy to keep knowledge of herbs from the general public" and there has never been any proof that any herb has ever done any good in the treatment of PCa, etc.....

I never got an offer to pee in a cup, let alone get the ol' Finger Wave! Instead of sticking his finger up my whazoo I thought for awhile there he was going to stick his foot up there! I asked for a referral to an oncologist and he said to follow him out to the front desk where he told the clerk to write out the name, address and phone number of the local cancer clinic - about half a block away. Luckily I had been there before (and made an appointment which that clerk had lost by the time I showed up, about 2 weeks later). Where do they find some of these people who work in clilnics? Some referral...I walked over there and made my own appointment.

I still think my Watchful Waiting regimen is doing all the good. In 2 1/2 months I brought my PSA down from 12.8 to 4.19. I know, I'm treating the BPH, not the PCa but the last finger-wave I got revealed nothing. Have you come across any hostililty from any medicos in re Watchful Waiting and/or herbs, vitamins, etc?!


September 2008

After being biopsied I was told by my (then) urologist on July 5,'06 that I had PCa, Stage T1c, Gleason 6 (3+3). My PSA had been 12.3. He attempted to high-pressure and scare me into undergoing a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy. I demurred, opting instead to go the Active Surveillance route. After (later) going through 3 other uros I finally found one who would go along with me on AS.

On July 19, '07 I underwent a 2nd biopsy and, one week or so later found the results: no cancer had been found. My only "treatment" was my own diet/exercise regimen. My faith in American doctors has been in the toilet since. If I had gone along with that first urologist I would now be a 2-legged gelding with a problem holding my water. [Clyde's phraseology, while colorful is not necessarily correct. Although many men initially have urinary control problems after surgery, the majority regain control over time. The reference to gelding would be more appropriate to the surgical procedure known as orchiectomy.] All of the four urologists I've discussed this diet with have shown nothing but doubt, as if I've been talking about Voodoo or Santeria.

I am a great believer in eating healthy, medicinal food and ingesting herbs rather than drugs. I put together my diet from researching on the Internet. It was based loosely on the Mediterranean Diet. It diet consists of ocean fish, a LOT of veggies, fruits, nuts and supplements: vitamins, minerals and herbs. None of the doctors have shown anything but doubt about the effectiveness of herbs. If anyone out there who reads this has any doubt about the benefits of certain herbs in re the treatment of PCa, here is the list of the herbs I ingest each day - who knows, maybe the herbs I take will help others:

My diet is centered around ocean fish (tuna and salmon), veggies (a lot of brocolli and other cruciferous veggies - cauliflower, Brussel sprouts), fruits (in particular apricots, which are high in selenium), vitamins (E, A, D3, B-12, C, a good one-a-day vitamin) A heavy sprinkling of turmeric on my food (in Ayurvedic medicine of India this herb has been in usage for almost 2 millenia - it shrinks tumors), cayenne (for the capsicum), garlic powder (both sprinkled over food, like the turmeric). Go to a health food store and read up on herbs. See if your store carry a mixture of herbs specifically for prostate health. Severely cut down on red meat and animal fat - increase your consumption of vegetables and ocean fish. Cut back on fat in general. Consume as much selenium as possible (not to exceed 900 mcg. daily) as this appears to help. Get as much excercise and sunlight on as much of your body as you can take. You need to build up your immune system - this should be your goal.

Even if your PCa is advanced beyond my initial condition my diet certainly will help (and it won't hurt).Thanks to my diet I not only got rid of my prostate cancer I also burned off 20 pounds of useless, unhealthy fat and gained the energy I had 20 years ago. Oh, yes - my heartbeat before all this was erratic and scary. After being on my diet for awhile my heartbeat levelled off and became normal. That's another plus.


April 2009

I joined this YANA group once - when I had the e-mail address: c38clark@hotmail.com After I "upgraded" to livemail I lost all my old contacts. Don't ask me how this happened. I'm a retired carpenter - I used to stick two pieces of wood together with a nail. If there's anything out there more complicated than a computer I certainly do not want to meet up with it.

You get my drift, Mate?


December 2009

My only "treatment" has been my diet/exercise regimen. I'm doing OK. My latest PSA was 4.5 and, as long as it stays around 4 I'm as happy as a young otter sliding down a mudbank.


November 2010

Upon being diagnosed with PCa on July 5, 2006 I was pressured by my Uro into undergoing the robotic-assisted, radical prostatectomy. My Uro adamantly stated that "we" had a "window" of 2 to 3 months. I told him I'd think about it.

Later I researched in my public library in books and via the InterNet and found information that lead me to believe that I could control my PCa with an intelligent diet, vitamin and herbal supplements and Essiac Tea. Also selenium, Green Tea, fresh air, sunshine and exercise were all included. Thirteen months after my first biopsy I underwent a second and no cancer was found. This biopsy was done by a different Uro than the first biopsy.

There is no doubt that, as the only "treatment" was my diet/exercise regimen that it was the reason the PCa went into remission. [The possibility of regression of prostate cancer is rarely acknowledged. This discussion may be of some interest in this connection.] Now I've got more energy than I've had in many years.


April 2012

I should have stayed on my diet and, I'm certain the PSa would have never returned but, like John Wayne after his big cancer operation in which one lung and part of his stomach were removed due to cancer - remember what he did? He went around bragging: "I licked the Big C" and, despite his doctors' warnings went back to smoking cigarettes (which caused the cancer in the first place). Well, I got over-conficent because my 2nd biopsy showed no PSa and, eventually stopped drinking that Essiac Tea and the other herbs and stopped the vitamin supplements and went back to eating red meat and frozen dinners, pizzas, etc.....

So....after my PSa went 5.8. I, despite my Indian female doctor's advice insisted upon her giving me a referral to an urologist. She said I didn't need to see one but I thought otherwise and was glad I insisted....because...on 12-6-10 the urologist - Dr. Alter of Irving, TX. did a biopsy on my prostate and found the following: T2b, Gleeson 3+4=7, weight 80 grams, 60% in one lobe (Agressive).

This urologist, like the others was insistent that I immediately undergo the robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy but, as with the others I demurred opting, instead to treat myself with my own diet.

Like Jack LaLane I am a believer in diet, fresh air, supplements and exercise.

It's been over 16 months since that last biopsy. Today I walked 2 miles, shopped, came home and worked in my garden and backyard for over 2 hours in the sun. I chopped tall weeks with a hoe, non-stop for one solid hour. Then I drank the 8oz. of Essiac Tea, took a short, hot bath and ate salmon, potatoes, beans with onions and mushrooms, whole wheat bread and washed it all down with Green Tea. I drink 7 cups of Green Tea every day. I take Selenium, Saw Palmetto, Lycopene and D3 and several other vitamins and minerals. I feel tired after all that work but that's just natural. After all, within 3 months I'll turn 74.

Like Jack LaLane I'll be active well into my 90's

Just watch me....


November 2012

I cannot over-stress the importance of an intelligent diet/exercise regimen for anyone,especially a man who has prostate cancer.

I recently underwent my fourth prostate biopsy and not only has the PCa not progressed it has slightly regressed. Instead of a 40% of the core sample it is a mere 10% and there is no mention of an "agressive cancer" as there was in the last biopsy of 12-5-10. I view this as a slight regression. I would have pointed this out to my Uro but had forgotten the numbers. I'm 74 and, some days I'm doing good to remember to zip up the ol' fly before walking out the front door (I'm sure you know what I mean).

If anyone is curious about my diet give a holler and I will map it out and send it.


September 2013

I'm still on my diet, still active and healthy. My next prostate biopsy is the first of October of this year.

I'll keep everyone posted.


October 2013

Last prostate biopsy: 10-1-13. Results: 3 small spots of PCa - 2 are 5%, 1 is 10%. All are 3+3=6 (Gleason). My latest PSA was 4.8 (7-18-13).