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Nick Perich and Lois live in Pennsylvania, USA. He was 56 when he was diagnosed in July, 2007. His initial PSA was 5.40 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 7, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy). Here is his story.

In July of 2007 I went for an annual blood test with PSA results of 5.4 ng/ml. Went to a Urologist and was recommended for a Biopsy. I had some travelling for work during the summer months so I scheduled for a Biopsy in September of 2007.

On September 12, I was told about my results and they were positive with a Gleason score of 7: 16%-18% involvement in the Right Central and Right Peripheral Zone. I was almost sure I had PC because my father had it at 64 and one of my uncles told me he thought my grandfather also had problems.

Because of my genetic past and PSA results, I started reading everything I could during the summer. I also consulted a Urologist friend of mine and he recommended Robotic Laparoscopic as soon as possible due to the Gleason Score and thought removal was the best method. Today is November 24, 2007 and I am scheduled for surgery at St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA on November 28th. It has not been the easiest past four months, but I am ready to get it out. At four days before surgery, I keep rethinking about the whole experience and any alternative methods but continue to come to the same result having the surgery.

I want to thank everyone on this site for sharing your experiences. It has been an inspiration to see how many of you have survived and gone on with your lives. After surgery, and when I feel up to it, I will update.


December 2007

I had my surgery one week ago today. I was in OR for 5 1/2 hours. I was told that some of the nerve bundles were affected and they had to take extra time to move them. How much will it effect future healing will be seen. I went home 2 days later wearing a catheter and an abdominal drain and in pain due to being unable to pass gas. Even walking in hospital, up stairs at home, and around the house didn't bring relief. I was able to go to the bathroom once in the hospital but the gas pain was real bad. Pain medication shunted a little. Almost no incision pain.

On Saturday night I got up at 9:30 PM, went down to my basement and set the tread mill on 1/2 mph and started walking. I was going to walk until I farted or whatever. I lasted 15 minutes before getting tired but all during the walk I felt that growling. I finally cleaned up and sat down and at 10:30 PM I was finally able to have a great fart. Since then it has been relatively easy. I haven't taken pain medication today yet and probably will not need any. Unfortunately I still have the catheter and will for 2 more weeks. This practice never removes before 3 weeks to ensure proper healing. My feeling is it is better to be safe than sorry later. It is a pain and does require care but it's actually not too bad and the only thing I can't do is drive or pick up anything more than 10 pounds.

On December 3, 5 days after the operation I went back to the Urologists office for the drain removal. The post op pathology report was just received an hour before I arrived. My Gleason score remained at 7 (3+4). Nine Lymph nodes were taken and all showed negative with no signs of nerve invasion. So it looks good at this point.

My original decision to have Robotic Laparoscopic was an easy one. First I was glad they had it within 15 miles from my house. Second, early detection which prevented migration showed good success and finally, from the first meeting I liked my Urologist. A really great 33 year old that had approximately 60 operations before mine and he had an excellent reputation. I did get a second opinion from a friend of mine in CT who has been practicing for 30+ years and he really convinced me to do what I was doing.

I've read so many of everyone's story I want to thank you for posting. It has really helped me, even after my decision was made.


February 2008

On December 19th, three weeks after my operation, I had my catheter taken out. 4-5 days later I stopped wearing any pads during the evening 3-5 days after that I stopped wearing any pads during the day. On December 29th. We drove about 2 hours to see my son so it was my first long trip after the surgery.

I returned to work half days on January 14 and full days January 21. Everything is going well. I travel often and am finding no difficulty with continence.

I returned to my Urologists' office on January 24th. 8 weeks after surgery. He released me completely with samples of Cialis. Nothing so far on the ED even with Cialis. My PSA reading was less than 0.10 ng/ml. So far everything looks good and I feel great.


May 2008

I returned to my urologist on April 24th. for my second check-up and PSA reading after surgery in November of 2007. PSA was less than 0.10.

ED is about 50% and have climaxed twice during slight penetration.

The Doc thinks everything is progressing well.


July 2008

On July 24 I had my third blood test and check-up 8 months after surgery. My PSA was < .10 and everything with PCa looks good.

ED is about 50%. Have tried Cialis with little affect, had bad side affects to Levitra. Headache, sinusitus and blurred vision.

I am 100% continent. I thank God that I've healed and continue on this well.


November 2008

I had my 4th blood test results after surgery and saw my Urologist on October 23 2008. My PSA was 0.10 and everything looks good. My Erectile is about 75% slightly better with Viagra.

I want to thank Terry for keeping up this website. I still read it all the time. I also thank everyone for sharing. Take care.


January 2009

I had my operation November 28th. 2008. It is now 14 months after surgery and all is going better than I expected.

I had my 5th. PSA since my surgery and My PSA this visit was < .10. I have been totally continent for about a year. ED is about 75% and sex is better than I expected. I have graduated from quarterly check ups to once ever 4 months.Again thanks Terry for keeping up the site and everyone for sharing. I read it all the time and often pray for everyone who goes through this vulture of a disease.

Take care.



May 2009

Today May 21, 2009 is exactly 18 months since I've had my surgery. Jarrod Rosenthal, my Urologist has done an excellent work in the OR as well as the follow up advice. I would recommend him to anyone.

My PSA is still < 0.10. No issues with incontinence since 5-6 days after the catheter was removed. Erectile is about 85-90% of what it was before surgery using Viagra.

God has really blessed my recovery. I pray that everyone will be as fortunate as myself. Take care.

Nick Perich.


September 2009

Today, September 24, 2009, I visited my Urologist. It has been 22 months since my surgery and the results of my PSA were < .10. Still fully continent and ED is about 95% with Viagra. It has turned out much better than I have ever expected. I thank God everyday I'm facing the grass from this end.

Take care all.

Nick Perich.


January 2010

I had my 2 year plus check-up last night. My PSA still remains undetectable and I am feeling well. I've also graduated to 6 month check-ups.

Previously I was concerned with some energy issues and even had my testosterone checked with my last blood test in Sept. 09, it was 380 for those interested. At around 20 months my energy levels started returning to pre-op and now I seem to have all I need when needed.

It has been 26 month since my operation and other than not having the disease at all I have been very fortunate. There has been no incontinence, ED issues are close to 100% pre-operation using Viagra and about 60% without. But, I still think there is more healing going on and I will eventually be able to not use Viagra. I'm getting sensations that I thought were lost.

The only thing I haven't done since the operation is to get back into a regular exercise routine. At 54 years old I weighed 305 pounds. At 5' 10" that wasn't good so I went on sensible eating patterns and started doing exercises with bands. I am on the road a lot and I was able to keep up this routine well. Just before my operation I weighed 246, was feeling like a kid again then the cancer diagnosis. Although I am walking daily I haven't gotten into working out. I promised myself I would make more of an effort after this check-up. I will post my success after my next check-up in 6 months.

Life is good and I thank God daily for his blessings. Not only for the healing and life itself but also for Terry and this site. To all of you who post - Keep it up. It was invaluable before my operation and reading all the experiences, and it has gotten me through some bad thinking post-op. Thank you Terry. Everyone take care.


August 2010

I just returned from my first 6 month check-up. November of 2010 will be three years since my surgery. My PSA is undetectable. I pray that everyone who goes through this ends up as blessed as I have been.


February 2011

I had a blood test taken on January 24 2011 and a Urologist visit January 27, 2011. PSA is still below .10.

Using Viagra but have been experiencing partial erections without so I am going to try not using anything sometime soon.

Continence is very good and I feel great.

God's blessings to all.

Nick Perich


April 2012

I was to my family Doctor January 23rd. 2012 my PSA is still less than .10. It will be 5 years this November since my surgery. I have no problems with incontinence and get slight erections without any medications. Excellent results with Viarga. God has been very gracious and I thank Him every day.

I also want to than Terry for keeping this site up. I recommend it to many people and it has given me good information.


July 2013

I had a PSA test on Thursday Monday June 24, 2013 with a follow up Drs. appointment on June 27th. PSA still 0. No side effects, still need the blue pill although I am getting semi-erections without. It will be 6 years November 21, 2013 so I see my Urologist annually. life is good and I thank God every day. For those struggling with the decision of what to do? Make sure you investigate all, and choose the best for YOU. Take care. Nick Perich.


July 2014

November 28th. 2014 will be my 7th year after robotic radical prostatectomy surgery. Everything is good. Other than needing Viagra for ED I don't even realize I ever had the cancer. God be with all who deal with this cancer.


August 2015

Because I have not had any issues with my prostatectomy I go to my Urologist annually in November. This will be my 8th year after surgery and I am doing very well. Other than needing Viagra, I have no other symptoms or issues and often easily forget I even had prostate cancer. I will post my results of my PSA in November after my annual visit. I am still thanking God for every day I am doing well.


November 2015

I went for my blood test this week and my PSA was 0. I had my Robotic Prostatectomy 8 years ago. I am very blessed by these results. Everyone take care, and there is life after PC.


December 2016

This is the eigth year since my Robotic Prostatectomy. My PSA is less than .1, and I am feeling well. My father died at 66 with a prognosis of prostate cancer. I am 65 and hopefully, because I reacted differently mainly because of stories I read at YANANOW, I will not end up the same. Be well and everyone continue to help everyone that is on this site. It really helped me. Nick Perich.

Nick's e-mail address is: npejr AT rcn.com (replace "AT" with "@")