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Richard Cross lives in California, USA. He was 60 when he was diagnosed in February, 1998. His initial PSA was 4.40 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Non-Invasive (Active Surveillance). Here is his story.

Cancer And Active Surveillance (AS) the journey that consists of research, decisions and life.

Richard Cross
Height 68"
Weight 1967=200lbs. 1990=175lbs. 2000=160lbs. 2008=145lbs.
Exercise, as of 2000: 8 hours per week: Tennis three days per week and gym workout three days per week.
Supplements as of 2001: Multi-vitamin and vitamin C, red wine, marijuana, D3, E, modified citric acid.
Occupation: 25 years, Air Traffic Controller; retired 1992.

1989 Throat cancer was discovered in the late stages and thought incurable.
As an Air Traffic Controller working in a small control room with 5 controllers
that smoked while working resulted in throat cancer for this nonsmoker.
Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy saved my life.

1992 Retired from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Date PSA
1994 3.2
1996 4.0
1998 5.1
2000 4.4

Biopsy consisted or 6 cores; one core had cancer in 5%. Gleason Score 3+3=6; Stanford University confirmed.

Date PSA
2001 4.7

Local water supply was tested and found to have arsenic in an amount that exceeds federal legal limits.

Date PSA
2002 5.2
2003 6.6
2004 5.0
2005 5.9
2006 5.5

Started vegetarian diet.

Date PSA
2007 5.1
2008 5.0
2009 3.8

Beginning in October. Medical marijuana consumed at the rate of one quarter ounce per month; I eat it by sprinkling a small amount on each meal. No smoking for me.

The end of 2009 shows the effect of all the effort placed to date on controlling my PSA and maybe my cancer.

Date PSA
2010, January 3.6

PSA information: Same blood sample can vary 25% (example=4.0 could be 3.0 or 5.0)
Three PSA test required to establish a trend. [Even three might not be enough - see PSA 101 and PSA 28 Day Experiment]

Supplements for 2010:

Diovan at 80mg/day for blood pressure control.
Marijuana at one quarter ounce/month
Liquorish at one quarter tsp/day
Red wine at eighteen ounces/day.
Citrus pectin modified at one quarter tsp/day (Nutritiongeeks.com 454 grms= $55)
Melatonin 3 mg/day
Vitamin B12 at 1,000 mcg/day
Omega 3 at 1,000 mg/day
Vitamin C at 1,000 mg twice/day
Zinc at 50 mg/day 25 in am & 25 in pm (helps/C)
Selenium at 200 micrograms (mcg)/day
Vitamin E at 400 iu/day
Resveratrol at 125 mg/day
Aspirin at 150 mg/day
Curcumin 1,000 mg/day
One tablespoon raw honey/day
Vibrator applied to prostate area 5 minutes/day
Ejaculate = 1/month

January 15th blood work indicates that all numbers are within guide lines.

Date PSA
2010 3,6


March 2011

In response to a reminder, Richard said:

I will have an update on my PSA on April 15th, 2011 and at that time I will decide if a more aggressive approach is called for.

I will send along the info as I like what YANA offers.


April 2011

As promised here are the results of my annual prostate review:

PSA up to 7.1 from 6.3 in January 2011 and prostate via DRE felt normal.

I like my oncologist as he tells it as it is. He knows that I am a student of prostate cancer and read YANANOW as well as other articles as they become available. We discussed options as well as outcomes and we agree that the cancer cure rate is small and that the side effects can be more devastating than the cancer.

Our joint understanding is that we will revisit PSA and DRE next year; he is supportive of my position (WW).


February 2012

PSA 6.7 DRE is normal Continuing WW

Adding to my self-treatment for 2012:

(1) P C - Hope (PC - Spes)
(2) Chelation with DMSA.

[Neither of these options appear to be supported by well conducted independent studies.]


June 2012

I did my blood work and DRE in January (as posted) for 2012.

I will up-date my next post in January 2013 so as to help anyone interested.

I choose to not allow cancer to rule my life totally; the posted information is what I am doing and any adjustments and or results will be made and posted in January of the following year; I post on the eu site also.

Anyone interested in more information on anything that I am doing need only e-mail me.

I am happy that you are still with us Terry; you give us all hope.

Your friend Rich Cross


January 2013

January 2013.

Added actions taken in 2012 appear to be working.

Blood work; all areas fell well in the mid-normal range.

PSA = 4.2 = very good for a 75 year old.

I am on-course to die with and not because of prostate cancer.

Rich Cross


September 2013

9/11/13 UCSF biopsy, two cores positive of 15 = Gleason 6, PSA = 4.2

I enrolled in two studies while at UCSF; #1 = diet. Vegetarian; I have been a vegetarian for 10 years.

#2 Exercise: I workout 45 minutes 5 days per week plus 6 hours of tennis per week.

I believe that if you plan on dieting with and not because of PCa, this is the way to go.


January 2014

January 9, 2014

PSA 6.3 and all blood numbers remain normal.

Added one more supplement to those already posted: a mixture of chlorophyll (2 tablespoons) and Tri-sodium phosphate (1 teaspoon) mixed in one quart jar of reverse osmosis water; consumed at the rate of 1-1/2 oz; one time in the morning and another 1-1/2 oz in the evening. Found this on YouTube / Tony Pantelleresco.

A side effect of Tony's idea is that over the past year my white hair has been very slowly regaining its original color of brown.

Next update 1/15/2015


February 2015

Update as of January 6, 2015.

All blood work remains normal. My weight is 138lbs.; height is 65.5 inches.

Blood pressure (BP) is up to 150/90; I am cutting back on the quantity of wine that I consume daily to 12 ounces per day to see if that helps lower BP. I wll also ask my doctor to increase my BP medication; present dosage is 160 mg Diovan.

I continue eating veggies and exercising approximately 10 hours per week; exercise is 3 hours in the gym and 7 hours playing tennis.

My pupose is to control the cancer as I do not believe a cure exist by our current medical establishment and, I am sorry to say, that do to the money that cancer generates, I do not think there is an end in sight.

Next update January 2016.


March 2016

2016 will make 18 years of AS. Blood work remains normal. I continue reading about PCa and fine-tuning my life based on medical up-dates; basically, my self-treatment has remained the same all of these years. I am very happy about choosing AS, considering that I have lost PCa friends that had more agressive treatments; usually two or more treatments; side-effects and results were not good. Good luck to all and may my next up-date be every bit as boring as this one.


April 2017

9.5 not bad after all of these years of self treatment; I will continue AS; as the quality of life is your perfect;

I spend an hour in the gym and an hour on the tennis court each day; nap, drink more wine and work in the yard for an hour; life is good.

My blood work-up shows that all is well as of my 79th birthday.

DO YOUR DO DILIGENCE and follow own thoughts and not that of a doctor that has a different agenda.

Good luck to all.

Richard's e-mail address is: xxxcross AT comcast.net (replace "AT" with "@")