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Ron Hard and Elly lived in Texas, USA. He was 59 when he was diagnosed in June, 2002. His initial PSA was 2.20 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 7, and he was staged ?. His choice of treatment was Non-Invasive (Alternative Medicine). Here is his story.

When I was a fifty-nine year old 175 pound white male (now 170 pounds)., my Doctor discovered my cancer in June of 2002 ( PSA 2.3 ng/ml and Gleason Score of 7 with 3 out of 6 samples testing positive). I started following the plan I set out below and it took only one-hundred days for all my systems to return to normal(my cancer was very aggressive and I had many symptoms - painful ejaculations, an overwhelming urge to urinate, frequent trips to the bathroom, pain in the groin, and blood in the urine. ). A follow-up examination found a 20% decline in my PSA (it changed to 1.7 ng/ml). Your oncologist may tell you that you will be dead very soon if you try this treatment. I have refused the conventional treatment of surgery or radiation and my Doctor gave me eight years to live if I tried this new treatment. All four other Cancer Doctors that I have consulted said, if I can keep my PSA low I will be OK (nobody gets sick and dies with a PSA under 10). Seventy percent of seventy year old men have PCa.

What I am doing gives you another option to try. It is not watchful waiting. It is actively fighting the cancer. It is the least invasive choice: look at the statistics: 27% chemical (PSA) failure for surgery after 5 years - about 40% of men who have surgery or radiation have a return visit of the cancer later in life. And 45% of those who die from prostate cancer die without their prostates - it gives one pause - to question the rush to surgery. And a reason to evaluate ALL the alternatives - their outcomes and side effects.

The side effects of what I am doing are: Your chances of having many health problems will be greatly diminished (high blood pressure, type II diabetes mellitus, heart disease, breast cancer, and all the other problems related to obesity and a sedentary life style). An unexpected increase in my endurance has happened. There was another strange side effect that happened. A mole on my forehead that had become large and sore disappeared. I have no symptoms and my doctor says I am doing great. I feel good. Have at the wife two or three times a week. Cheat on the diet one day per week. But don't cheat on the wife (lol).

My PSA history so far:

June 2002 PSA = 2.2 ng/ml
October 2002 PSA = 1.7 ng/ml
June 2003 PSA = 2.1 ng/ml
June 2004 PSA = 2.6 ng/ml
June 2005 PSA = 2.6 ng/ml
May 2006 PSA = 3.5 ng/ml

None of the oncologists have said a word about the vast amount of worldwide research that supports these ideas of diet and exercise for PCa control. For example, it seems that Dr Dean Ornish (a native Texan - who runs the PMRI (Preventive Medicine Research Institute)has found a natural treatment (possibly somewhat of a cure) for Prostate Cancer, heart problems, and obesity. He deserves a Noble Prize. All forty two men in his study that biopsies had proved they had prostate cancer are doing well that follow his low-fat diet (less than 10% of your calories from fat and no dairy products) plus an exercise program (some for five years). There is also information on this at Us TOO and CapCure - Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Ornish did additional laboratory studies using the blood of his participants, with dramatic results. Extracting serum from the men in both groups, he fed it to PC cells lines kept alive in Petri dishes. The cells that were fed serum from men not on the Ornish program grew eight times faster than those cells receiving serum from men in the treatment group

My treatment plan is set out below. The addition of several vitamins, minerals, and herbs to my diet might also have helped. I will try to list them for you. Those marked * are from a health food store.

1. A glass of Low sodium V8 juice to start the day.

2. One vitamin "E" Succinate 400 I. U. (dry E).*

VITAMIN E SUCCINATE INHIBITS HUMAN PROSTATE CANCER CELL GROWTH Cancer Weekly (March 24, 2003) According to a study from the United States, "Several epidemiological studies have demonstrated that vitamin E is a chemopreventative agent for prostate cancer. alpha-Tocopheryl succinate (VES), a derivative of vitamin E, effectively modulates prostate cancer cell growth. However, little is known about the mechanisms regarding this action.

3. Two prostate pills containing Ginger, Saw Palmetto Berries, Essiac Herbs, curcumin(seems to work as well as any prescription med available for tumour suppression according to M D Anderson in Houston Texas) and other (this is a pick whatever you think will help) herbs.*

4. Coenzyme Q10 ( CoQ10 )* 300 mg per day seems to kill PCa cells according to Italian research. It also lowers your blood pressure so be careful

5. One adult aspirin.

6. Two fish oil soft gels 1000 mg.*

NewsRx.com, April 20, 2006 New research shows that men may keep this disease from spreading by consuming fatty fish, such as canned tuna, that are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids. Published in the March 2006 issue of the British Journal of Cancer, the study was conducted by scientists at the Paterson Institute at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, England and finds that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish are able to block the spread of cancerous cells in the prostate gland.

7. One Zyflamend PM and one melatonin pill at bedtime.*

8. Two Lycopene 15 mg. per day.* or Consuming a tomato may be better.

9. One Selenium pill 200 mcg. per day.*

10. In the May 2006 issue of Energy Times (www.energytimes.com), a free health magazine obtainable in many health food stores, I read that capsaicin, a phytochemical in jalapeno chilli peppers, 'appears to kill prostate cancer cells (Cancer Research, March 15, 2006). Also in the aforementioned issue, 'a new study suggests that when turmeric is combined with a substance called phenethylisothiocyanate (PEITC) found in cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, it can help protect and even treat prostate cancer (Cancer Research, January 15, 2006).'

Cancer Weekly (April 23, 2003) New research at the Institute of Food Research shows that two food components recognized for their ability to fight cancer are up to 13 times more powerful when put to work together. The study focuses on genes that play an important role in tumour formation, tumour progression, and the spread of tumour cells. The food components ***sulforaphane and selenium**** were found to have an increased impact on these genes when used as a combined treatment.

11. One bowl of slow cooked old fashion oatmeal with fat free soy milk and honey in it once per day. Kellogg All Bran a tablespoon at a time added to oatmeal & soy cereal also gives you the fibre you need.

DIETARY FIBER Dietary fiber promotes the clearance of hormones and fats from the body. Reproductive hormones, including testosterone and estradiol, circulate through the liver and the intestine and back into the bloodstream. Reduction in the level of these hormones may have a dramatic impact on the progression of primary prostate cancer. Plasma testosterone and estradiol levels were found to be lower in middle-aged men eating high levels of dietary fiber from cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables in comparison to men eating a typical American diet.

Jagadeesh S, Kyo S, Banerjee PP. Department of Cell Biology, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, District of Columbia 20057, USA.

Genistein, the most abundant isoflavone present in soybean has antiproliferative effects on a variety of cancer cells, including prostate cancer. However, the molecular mechanism of antiproliferative effects of genistein is not entirely understood.

12. Walk 2 miles or bike 10 daily depending on weather.

13. Drink green tea instead of coffee in morning.

14. Have as many vegetable and fruit snacks as I want plus soy cereal with soy milk as often as possible.

15. Eliminate animal fat from my diet including dairy products. Vegetable fat should also be eliminated, especially peanut oil, corn oil, or flax oil, canola oil products.

16. Use olive oil for cooking most everything.

17. Eat some prunes. Start with two or three and add or subtract as needed. This will move your food through your body faster and will decrease the amount of fat that is absorbed.

18. Think happy thoughts -- be a happy person.

19. Get a little sunshine on your body, but don't burn. Or supplement with (calcitriol) vitamin D3.*

The vitamin D effect of upregulating PSA and androgen receptor (AR), seen in the lab, matchs views of Vit D (and retinoids) as differentiating therapy. I.e. therapies which tend to NORMALIZE cancerous cells. Prostate tissue which, invaded by tumor, has become deranged and quit making PSA, treated with vitamin D or other differentiation agent may begin making PSA again (for however long).

Hitherto, first line chemoprevention of prostate cancer in the community is managed by administration of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, e.g. finasteride. A recent large-scale study in the USA terminated with some unexpected results:

".. men in the finasteride-treated arm of the study were more likely to develop high-grade disease ..".


Inevitably, some men will be unhappy about using Proscar (finasteride) or the newer Avodart (dutasteride), and rather than let them fall by the wayside in terms of their candidature for chemoprevention strategies, an alternative could be offered based on an increasing body of experience of the use of vitamin D3 supplementation within a context of natural male levels of androgen . A recent pilot study by Woo, Choo and colleagues in Toronto has shown nutritional Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol at the level of 2000 IU / day has stabilized or reduced PSA velocity in a number of men post primary treatment with a rising PSA

19. Dental problems seem to cause a rise in PSA. To prevent this rinse with hydrogen peroxide for 20 to 30 seconds twice a day(yep it does taste bad).

20. Go to PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science) and read the October 1998 University of Virginia Cancer Center research Report on Prostate Cancer.

Note: The University of San Francisco Cancer Research Centre has confirmed the cancer cell death process in September of 2005.

This research demonstrated that when the Prostate cancer cells were deprived of the foods they need to stay alive they died in about two hours. The food they need is made in the human body when you consume bad fats. The only good fats are olive, fish and avocado.

21. What to eat. Buy Dr Ornish's book's (they are cookbooks). Eat fruits and veggies, fish and poultry, and a very limited amount of animal products.

22. Quit smoking -- nicotine is a wonderful cancer food.

23. And here's a good read:

PROSTATE CANCER - UNDERSTAND, PREVENT AND OVERCOMEJane Plant CBE Prostate cancer, scientifically similar in many ways to breast cancer, is the second most common cancer (behind lung cancer) among men. And it's becoming ever more prevalent. In Professor Jane Plant's international bestseller on breast cancer Your Life in Your Hands, she advocated, from personal experience, a way of life and non-dairy diet that helped her beat her breast cancer. In Prostate Cancer - Understand, Prevent and Overcome, Professor Plant brings her knowledge to bear on prostate cancer, including information on the science behind the disease and the reasons why her programme works, as well as case studies of men following her programme.

Hardcover 240 pages (May 27, 2004) Publisher: Virgin Books Language: English ISBN: 1852271884

24. Share this with everyone.

Hope you can use this. Advanced PCa seems to respond to this treatment. An old classmate was sent home to die by M D Anderson cancer hospital and is now doing fine. In February of 2003 a fifty-five year old friend Mr. M. had a PSA of 5.7 on his annual check-up. During the ten days while he was waiting for his biopsy he adopted this program. He was found to be PCa free.


June 2007

Ron reports his latest PSA test:

June 2007 PSA = 3.7ng/ml. Had a few other tests this time free PSA = 13% t = 340 vitamin D3 = 30. My Family Doctor (not an Urologist, Oncologist) wishes to get this D3 number up somewhat (get more sunshine).

All systems seem normal at five year anniversary . Hope this finds you healthy also,

E-mail me if you wish any of the detailed information I have found.


May 2008

Feb 2008 PSA = 5.5

May 2008 Saw Dr. Steven Sukin M D Oncologist Urologist For a Bostwick Labs PSA3+ urine test. The results were wonderful. No PCa, all normal. The test has three possible outcomes = cancer found, inconclusive, and normal.

All systems normal at six year anniversary.


January 2009

My punishment was awesome. I haven't sat down and placed it in writing so I figure its about time. Here goes.

The stupidest thing!!!

In December of 2007 With five and a half year's life with a PSA of less than four and no symptoms of cancer living a rather normal life as an active sixty-something year old man I foolishly made a change for the worst. Ended my low-fat diet and most of my supplements with the hope that the cancer was gone. Also at about this time I found testosterone online and started using it to improve my overall health.

In February of 2008 I went to have my ear wax removed and the Doc did some blood work finding all ok except my PSA which was 5.5 and she recommended that I see an oncologist.

In June I talked another uro-onc into giving me the Bostwick labs PSA3+ urine test. The results were a false negative( or I did not have any cancer in my prostate gland).

At Labor Day the start of September my right leg began to swell and look very muscular. I guessed because that was where I was rubbing testosterone gel on it and it was just becoming muscular and strong. I was so wrong. By the middle of September the leg had changed to a blue-green-yellow color and my wife had me go see my favorite GP-MD. When he saw the leg he said CANCER. Another PSA was done and came back at 51.6.

In October my right leg began to bleed and produce a whitish liquid. Pus I guess. This lasted a few weeks and then cleared up.

At this time the low-diet was resumed and the supplements.

I was sent to an oncologist and he had me take several scans (x-rays, cat scans, bone scans and a MRI. By December first PSA was 166 and I was told the cancer had spread to my spine, lymph nodes and bone marrow (the low-fat diet it seems had somewhat restored my leg to a more normal color, but it is still quite swollen).

The cancer invaded my backbone up between the shoulder blades causing bad pain so I was given ten radiation treatments In December to that area that relieved the pain.

On December 1, 2008 I began receiving conventional medical treatment for Prostate Cancer, Lupron + Casodex. It did not seem to be doing any good for the twenty-two days before the start of the MJ treatment. [The use of Methyl Jasomate (MJ) for prostate cancer is only now in its earliest stages of research as shown in this Israeli Study. The study concludes: "Jasmonates are promising candidates for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and other types of cancer." That is a long way from demonstarting that MJ can safely deal with advanced prostate cancer.]

About the middle of November I was sent an e-mail telling about The Medical Administration of the Anti-Cancer Plant Hormone Methyl Jasmonate (MJ). Began trying to buy it online with no success. Then a PhD in California named Steve Martin bought a large amount and started selling it to anyone with $180. The shipment (10g) arrived on December 22, 2008 and I had my first treatment that evening. I had no idea of the proper dose, [Ron refers here to the "proper dose" but this article says in part "....the oral ingestion of MJ is out of the question."] so I used only seven drops the first time. It seemed to work. Before the first dose I could feel the cancer growing in my back and chest area. The MJ put an immediate stop to that feeling. At the time of this report I have had six MJ treatments and two Lupron - Casodex treatments.

Am totally impotent but feeling much better. The leg is almost normal in the AM and the pain is 99% gone.

Ron Hard

Later: Just had a call from my GP's nurse. I am crying happy. PSA= 0.5 all bloodwork good.


July 2009

PSA 5.2 using Q+ down from 40.8 on June 1, 2009, feel good, leg is almost back to normal, no met pain. Much ED. Methyl jasmonate (MJ) failed to stop the rise in my PSA during the start of this year. I was using it in a steam inhaler and in six months I might give it another test with MJ + DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) on my skin. Methyl jasmonate gave me the feeling that it is an anti-cancer substance and might be effective if properly administered (IMHO).


July 2010

Ron Hard's daughter mailed me and said:

Ron Hard passed away on July 7th, 2010. He died on his own terms just as he had fought prostate cancer. I know he would encourage each and every man who is diagnosed with prostate cancer to follow their hearts as to their own treatment plan. He and I spoke of his watchful waiting and diet approach often and I was honored to be included in his journey.