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Scott G and Michele live in Maryland, USA. He was 45 when he was diagnosed in March, 2008. His initial PSA was 4.30 ng/ml, his Gleason Score was 6, and he was staged T1c. His choice of treatment was Surgery (Manual Laparoscopic Prostatectomy ). Here is his story.


After getting hit by the prostate cancer bus, I worked to dust myself off and begin the journey with the rest of you here. My first thoughts were like most "how long" but after educating myself its now "what's the best approach for me to beat this." It can be beaten.

At 45, I was not experiencing any symptoms other than an elevated PSA from 43 yr old of 2.5 to 45 year old of 3.1 biopsy and follow-up test 3-months later to 4.3. I have to thank my wife and the doctor she suggested for me to see because the doctor tests for all things great and small including PSA. A co-worker of mine after talking with me asked his doctor specifically for a PSA test, he is 46 and the doctor told him "No you do not need it yet." Nice when someone else decides to take a chance on your life huh? Spread the word all tell everyone you know get the PSA test with your blood work! You never know whose life you may save

Well lucky for me I found this site that included a write-up by someone suggesting Dr. Walsh's Book "Surviving Prostate Cancer." Literally a life-saver. Educating yourself on this subject is the best thing you can do. Doing this ensures your decisions are your own and you are secure in knowing what is going on and when.

I have elected to go to John's Hopkins for the procedure on June 2. I feel very fortunate that it is 20 minutes North of my house.

Anyway, the doctor will use the Laparoscopic RP procedure. He still prefers feeling as he works while using camera and light benefits of robotic. While he does robotic and lap he felt lap in my position was best.

Becoming more nervous as the procedure is getting close. Remember educating yourself and making your own decision for yourself is very important and no one decision is right for everyone. Will keep you all informed. Good luck to all and remember people diagnosed today have the best chance for treatment/cure ever.

The numbers keep getting better each day.


June 2008

Laparoscopic Surgery performed at Johns Hopkins on June 2, 2008. Surgery began at 11:30 was waking up at 3 pm. Sore like being punched in the stomach. Doctor says all went well. On visual inspection prostate looked good no apparent extensions, no hard spots or extra soft spots noticed mostly unremarkable ..I like being unremarkable here.

Anyway a little pain first day walked a lot to get the gas out. That was the most pain day 3 off pain meds Motrin only. Definitely an easier procedure and comeback then my mind led me to believe. Tomorrow June 11, catheter comes out and I get my pathology report - hopefully reporting more unremarkable news later!

Later: June 12th Well catheter came out without incident and all looked good. The water retention process prior to removal was strange but not painful. Appeared all connections tight and nurse says OK lets take out the catheter. Deflates the balloon and in one motion strange feeling slips it out. Control at that point not great! Good thing they said bring your Depends. This process is not really an issue but they gave me results from pathology same day so had to stay focused on that.

Well in summary. Gleason remained a 6 and organ confined! Recovery coming along well UC is the next goal. Progress is being made but it's slow as expected. Six weeks after surgery first PSA test. After that without incident will begin regular PSA testing.

Good luck to all. Will keep updating as new warrents.


August 2008

Well I am very happy to let everyone know that my PSA test at 6 weeks came back Less than 0.1. A call to the lab revealed that's as low as they report. I cannot say enough to all of you out there considering options, feeling lost and nervous that being able to get to where your life appears fairly normal again is attainable. Thanks to my family and friends ..especially my wife for putting up with many nights of concern. She was and is my rock.

Not sure what my future holds it terms of PSA numbers but I do know that this site with its many members that came before me helped me through one of the hardest processes I have ever been through. I cannot thank you all enough. I remain available to discuss with anyone needing to talk.

I suspect my first doctor's appointment since surgery (in three weeks) will begin with smiles being exchanged ...what a difference 2 months can make.

Hang in there guys you can do it too.


October 2008

I asked Terry why some guys seem to stop posting and others post with long periods of time in between updates. Terry said he thought sometimes maybe some guys do not like to come back because it reminds them of a tough time or they simply go on with life or lose track of timelines for their updates.

I now know for me it has been because once my treatment was completed and I received thank God the powerful and prayed for news that my PSA level was less than 0.1, I began living my life again that I thought post diagnosis was lost. I am committing to going back to my life and will continue updating.

First doctor's appointment since PSA test was a wonderful time. We discussed the hoped for perfect results of my 6-week test (Less than 0.1) and he stated that in his opinion I should not worry daily and just keep track of things with regular 3-month PSA tests. He thought that all things considered, things should work out well.

Currently my UC issues are down to barely a drip occasionally (think doctor thought by 3 months should have been dry but was happy about progress). The ED on a 1-10 is a 5-6 so progress is going along.

Good luck all wherever you are on your path.


December 2008

Just a short 6-month update on things.

Got my my 6 month test and thank God again less than 0.1!!

Incontinence almost a thing of the past. Only an occasional drip with unexpected sneezing.

ED doctor never had me on any helper pills said let's see where you get initially. Well as time has gone on improving daily. Not like I was before yet lol!!! Once the good results begin coming in things get much better but occasionally the worry returns and talking with others helps.

A special thanks to my friend Joe who was after me but has helped me through some worrisome days. For anyone just getting on this crazy ride have hope lean on all of us who went before. You will get through this and good results are more plentiful then ever before. Keep the faith all. Contact if you need to discuss anything.

Happy holidays all.


May 2009

Well June 2 will be here soon marking one year since my surgery. I am happy to report my latest PSA test returned yet again a less than 0.1 result! A wild ride to be sure. On a 6 month testing program so will report back sometime in December.

A lot has happened this past year, almost too much to believe. I am sure all of you can attest to similar experiences. Mine started with my diognosis and from there a series of family and friends being required to meet similar life challenging events. I think for me, the process of getting through my issue helped educate me that life is not a straight line with all things anticipated and reasonable. Far from it life presents many curves, dips and hills and I have come to the realization the best you can do is be firm in your convictions, always push forward, stay strong along the way and be supportive to those that are in need. I believe my experience has taught me to help others in ways that are more effective.

As always a special thanks to my wife for unwavering support and my friend Joe who I met here and continues to be a source of support and reason whenever asked.

Good luck to all. Please continue your updates to share good news that comes your way. The men behind you need to hear the positive long-term stories


September 2009

I hope this message finds you all well. Here things are wonderful thanks be to God. Less than 0.1 results 15 months out and ED a non issue.


June 2010

My two year mark is coming up and truthfully I can not wait, God willing to post my success at the two year mark. I can only pray that it continues.

Generally the life is finally getting back to more like it was before things started. I suppose it will always be on my mind a bit.

Later: Still less than 0.1.


November 2010

As luck would have it I was found to have a polyp on my vocal cord and after 15 years of smoking which I quit 3 years ago. Anyway ENT doctor says should be OK not looking bad. Go in he takes it out and I am Silent Sam for 3 days! thats hard to do :)

Result everything is fine but God almighty I tell you that process of waiting for a biopsy result and since one came back wrong you know? Well prayed hard and left it to God and well everything is back to normal even my voice!


January 2011

Just a quick note to say things are great. I am 2.5 years out and thankfully nothing to report but the same results as I did at the 2 year mark. Currently no side effects from RP procedure. No UC or ED to report. Anyone feel free to message me to talk.

To my friends Joe and Mike keep the faith and update when you can. Terry as always your work here is very important.


April 2012

Have not written in a while. I promised to do so in at least every six months as I was getting PSA tests that often. Well to be honest it has almost been a year since I went in for the stick and drain. No particular reason just the 6 months came and went and while I had the form I did not go in. Well time is here and I plan to go in within the next few weeks and God willing will report back with no news. All is well feeling good-dry and able so can not complain. Dang weight is hard to get rid of and keep off! So I will report back. Good luck to all.


September 2012

Hi all,

Lets see how long has it been? Has it really been over 4 years now? By the grace of God I continue to have the PSA results we all pray for. Life has gone on and things are pretty much normal except of course when you go in to get the test. The worry is a bit less than before as you have more behind you and feel more sure things will come out OK. Well they did and I am happy to report ED and UC continue to not be non-issues. Turned 50 this year and someone asked "how do you feel are you upset..feeling down" as all of you can imagine I looked at her with the biggest grin and said, "understand where I come from my birthdays are not only another year older they are annual victories over the challenges I faced over 4 years ago." Life is so precious and each year I stop and say a small prayer thanking God for giving me another with my family. Celebrate brothers celebrate ..as my 87 year old father (with no PC!) says, "none of us know how long we have to live and have no control over it ...but what we can control is HOW we live it." You can take that one to the bank. Always available to those who need to talk.


May 2013

Hello All,

Checking in as I promised I would as long as I am able. Well it will be 5 years since my surgery as of June 2. My latest PSA is perfect and I am humbled and thankful. I had the opportunity to discuss my case with my Hopkins doctor the other day. He said to me that the 5 year mark is very significant and I could expect that there will be no further problems. He did make clear he could not say never because as he said we are talking about cancer. I told him I undertood. Currently there are no problems being experienced as a result of surgery and I can see my 51st b-day on the horizon. The effects of 5 years ago continue to dimmish but suspect they will never be gone. Once in a while you find yourself looking over your shoulder wondering. Thats when you have to say to yourself I have done or am doing everything I can to protect my life now is a time for living. Should something come up I believe with my family and faith I will be able to face it. Until then jump, pull your knees close to your chest and make a big splash in the pool of life. Live after you have done what you need to do.

Always available to all of my brothers.


June 2013

Well today is my 5 year mark. I see I am a silver member now and words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to reach this point. Thinking back 5 years on that June 2nd night in the quiet of the hospitol room and wondering how long and what my life would hold I realized how little in life we really control. We spend our entire lives trying to control events, our relationships with people and our destiny when in fact all of that is in much more capable hands. To celebrate reaching my goal I plan to not do something I had planned and instead give the money I would have spent to a charity for children for which I care deeply. Somehow I think spending the money that way is more rewarding for all concerned. Take care everyone and God willing I will be reporting good results in another six months.

Scott's e-mail address is: mickandjada1 AT yahoo.com (replace "AT" with "@") (but this e-mail address may no longer be valid)

NOTE: Scott has not updated his story for more than 15 months, so you may not receive any response from him.